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If you live in Indonesia, keep up with trends and speak bahasa, you’re most likely familiar with the term “Kids jaman now”, a viral term which roughly translates to “kids of this generation” along with the term millennial generation. What does millennial really mean? They are people who were born after the X Generation (people born in the 80’s to 2000’s), meaning millennials are those aged 17-37 this year. They are considered to be different than the previous generations, especially concerning technology and specifically the use of Social Medias. 

They are not only Social Medias savvies, another trend which is associated to millennials is travelling. Indonesia offers plenty of interesting sites of attractions, and many of them are “addicted” to explore the other side of cities or even nature. To eternalize moments and memories in pictures on Social Media, is a must. The goal is to fill their Instagram feeds with Instagram-worth pictures and get tons of likes. For instance, pictures of travel with unique and unseen content. 

Holiday season is coming, where are you planning to travel? Always prepare the things you’ll need beforehand to feed your Social Media. Of course, smartphone, camera, and internet connection cannot be left behind. Happy hunting!

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